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​Information for 2020
2020 is the year of the U. S. Census

The census is mandated by the U. S. Constitution [Article 1, Section 2] to be taken every 10 years and to count all persons, as defined by law, residing in the U. S. of A. This includes the 50 states, the District of Columbia, the 5 permanently inhabited island territories, and all civilian/military federal employees stationed abroad, including dependents.  The first census took place in 1790 as directed by Thomas Jefferson.

it is illegal for the census bureau to provide any information gathered, to be used for anything other than the census itself.  All information is confidential, and cannot be used by any government agency or court; additionally, no information other than the statistical findings can be shared with the public.

The general calendar for this event is as follows:

-    March 12-20;  Households will receive  an invitation in the mail to respond online to the census questionnaire. Some households might also receive a paper questionnaire and or directions on how to respond to the census questionnaire via telephone.

-   March 16-24;   Households will receive a reminder letter.

If you have not responded as yet.

-   March 26- April 3;  Households  will receive a reminder postcard.

-   April 8-16  Households will receive a reminder letter with a paper questionnaire enclosed.

-   April 20-27;  A final reminder postcard will be sent.

-   Thereafter, census takers will follow up with in-person surveys/questionnaires.

2020 Election Year

2020 is election year.  In addition to the General Election (Nov 3rd), the Primary Election (Aug 11th); this year now has the Presidential Primary Election.  The Presidential Primary Election is only the 5th occurrence in the state of Minnesota, previously years being 1916, 1952, 1958, and 1992.

This year, there were 4 major political parties eligible to participate in the Presidential Primary Election. Only the Republican party and the Democratic-Farm-Labor party of Minnesota chose to submit candidates for this election.

Each of the represented parties will have their own ballot.  Prior to you actually voting; your registration, residence and party you are choosing to submit your vote will be determined. Since each ballot is identified to a specific party, privacy concerns may appear to be more stringent.

The Republican  party will only have one candidate on their ballot.  The DFL party will have multiple candidates and the option of write-ins and uncommited.